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Please Note the following precautions;

  • Avoid outdoor fires of any kind

  • Do not discard cigarettes from vehicles or while hiking

  • Avoid idling vehicles off road or on the grassy shoulder of roadways.

  • Call 911 if you observe fire or smoke in the pine barrens. Do not assume someone else has called.

  • Clear back brush and debris near your home or business.

  • Keep driveways and fire hydrants clear to allow access by emergency responders



See our fire prevention pages for more information


Ridge Fire Department, Ridge, NY Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Ridge Fire Department and its members protect and preserve life, property and the environment by providing effective prevention programs and prompt, efficient, professional and highly qualified fire protection and emergency services to the communities within the Ridge Fire District. When possible, we will make our personnel and resources available to our neighboring and external agencies in their time of need, recognizing that we too may require their assistance from time to time in protecting our communities.

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